The Greenroom Academy Scam EXPOSED! (Full Documentary)

The GreenRoom Academy

You’re not gonna believe what we found out about The GreenRoom Academy!!!! Check out a documentary about the scam they pulled on YOU here: The GreenRoom Academy




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Is Ebola Airborne ???

We found a clear answer to this question here

Hot New Youtube Music Tool For The Masses

Youtube Music Site

About a week ago my homie put me on to a new site to listen, search, and download music from youtube. The only reason I’m sharing this site is because I would like it to blossom. At the moment it has a crazy buzz so you should hurry up and secure your username before someone else does. This site allows you to make playlists …effortless downloads and more. If you search for music on youtube the quality usually sucks…and then you have to keep searching…ths gives you the ability to rock all night without effort.

Check it out.

BackPage VS





To all my compadres out in the escort world this is a very in depth comparison of the two mega adult classified sites and why I feel is a way better pick for placing escort ads and those searching for escorts.

Backpage has been around a very long time, but it wasn’t the go to place for online escorts. Craigslist was in charge in that arena. That was until Craigslist shut down it’s adult section due to pressure from a number of communities and leaders around the country. Whe that happened everyone flocked to backpage. Not because of it’s ease of use or it’s affordable pricing…just because it was already in the escort listing game.


Since then backpage has received numerous attempts and request to shut down it’s adult section but backpage insists that what it is doing is perfectly legal. And so far backpage has managed to defend it’s stance against those that are displeased with it’s existence. So with all the heat on backpage people are trying to find any way to smear backpage which actually renders it hazardous for those posting adult ads as well as for those how browse the adult ads. Here’s why:

The first thing law enforcement does when on the hunt for illegal solicitation is go to backpage and pick out targets. This means if you post adult ads onbackpage you can become a target at anytime.

BackPage charges an arm and a leg to post an ad on it’s website and the fees continue to rise way above a fair price to post an ad.

On the other hand Low Page promotes it’s ad services through offline means in hope’s of steering clear of scrutiny ny those opposing adult escort ads in America. Also  Low Page has pledged to never raise their rates, of which are extremely low. To place an ad on Low Page it costs about $2.00 a week. That is absolutely wonderful in comparison. Low Page also boasts friendly and fast acting customer support of which I heard was great. They have a direct line that gets answered almost every time. Low Page gives out coupons almost all the time.


With That said, In time will be at the level backpage is at now so jump on board now we cant let backpage dominate the adult entertainment especially with those prices as well as there continued discorcern for their users.

Site Like Backpage For Miami Escorts

I know with all the things going on with backpage right now many people are looking for a new site to find escorts and escorts are looking for a new place that doesnt over charge on their listing fees. Well look no further people. I found a site called . This site is seriously good looking with much more advantages.  Unlike backpage they dont overcharge. Also They allow videos and more. So…For a premiere escort and a site like backpage or a site like craigslist site visit .

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